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    Development history

    "Sendon" brand won the third place in the top ten brands of uninterruptible power supply in China in 2018.


    Sendon Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.


    Sendon was selected as the listed brand of Beijing government procurement and Shanton was selected as the only listed brand of Beijing Bank in 2009. In 2009, it invested in the construction of the largest UPS and battery production base in North China covering more than 50 mu in Beijing, China, to further ensure the supply of goods in the mainland. Meanwhile, it was selected as the brand of China's State Grid, introducing frame UPS and modular UPS.


    Sendon was selected as the listed brand of central government procurement in 2008 and 2009.


    Sendon UPS sales exceeded 10 million units on June 18, 2006


    Sendon International Limited successfully passed the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification


    Golden Maple Leaf Online 2KVA-6KVA UPS was strongly selected as the recommended product of China Computer Daily and won the 2002 Channel Selection UPS Potential Award.


    In 2000, the first case of 8 UPS parallel machines in mainland China was implemented by Sendon International Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen.


    In 1999, Sendon UPS reached 70% market share of China's power industry, with sales exceeding 600 million yuan.


    Investing in Shenzhen, China, to ensure adequate supply and timely delivery of goods in mainland China, and to take the lead in introducing luxury low-power UPS with smart LCD panels.


    Take the lead in introducing voice fidelity registration system


    Launch a series of gold maple leaves with anti-counterfeiting gold-plated logo, at the same time in the UPS industry to launch the first free monitoring software


    Take the lead in introducing 2000 backup machine with liquid crystal display


    Establishing an office in China and introducing Red Maple Leaf Sendon UPS is one of the first international brands to enter China. It is the first one to launch online UPS in China. Its products range from single-single (6K-20K of Elf Series), three-single (10K-60K of Pioneer Series), three-three (10K-120K of Advantage Series and 160K-800K of Giant Series) is one of the few manufacturers with 0.6KVA-800KVA full-line products.


    Establishment of Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Hong Kong